Talk of Weddings…….

Marriage (noun)

An endless sleepover with your favorite wierdo

– unknown

On Saturday, 24th August 2019, i attended a wedding at church that was a blend of different cultures from the fashion, food and the cultures present. I saw exquisite Nigerian, Ankara, Dera and Arabic outfits intertwined with Swahili food alongside Christians & Muslims gathered to celebrate this beautiful union.

The bride arrived before the groom. I had seen this over 15 years ago with our best couple. The only difference was that our best couple had intentionally planned that the bride would walk down the isle first then the groom would follow whereas in this case, logistics had a hand in it.

Before heading for the reception, I was chatting with a dear friend and shared with her how this reminded me of the story of the 10 virgins and also about the return of Christ. Will he find you, his bride, ready and waiting for him or will you be caught flatfooted?

We are all so famliar with the story of the virgins but it is only until last Saturday’s wedding that it hit me that what kept the wise virgins was the precious oil. Matthew 25:4 says The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps.

……oil in jars……. not oil in small containers. The backup oil was enough to run them a couple of nights, if not weeks or months.

The lamp had a purpose but the oil kept them going. The lamp in your life could be your area of service or calling however what is your oil? Is it the imperishable Word of God or is it the outward and perishable applause of men? It really got me thinking about the motive behind how i spend my time.I also questioned if Christ was to come back right at that moment, would I be counted among the wise or the foolish? Would he recognise me when i call out like the foolish virgins?

The beauty of this story is that at some point all the 10 virgins all became drowsy and fell asleep. The story acknowledges that there is no one perfect while heading to heaven. We can at times slumber in our calling and in our service. However, what separates chaff from wheat? Your jar of oil. It will preserve you at the time of imperfection just the same way you will proclaim it to others in your perfect moments.

Dear Lord, help me to keep my lamp alight as i await your return and reward. Guide me through your Spirit and fill me richly with Your Word, in season and out of season. Do not allow me to run out of oil. In my moments of slumber, may your Word bring me back to the race set before me.In Jesus Name , Amen.

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