Unscripted Thoughts

I am not a prayer warrior but I pray.

I have my seasons where I am always on prayer mode.

Other days, opening the Bible is a prayer item.

I know scripture without opening the good book.

Other days, I feel so empty and ask my kids to open the Bible and read loudly so that i can encourage myself in the Lord and His Word.

Yes. I am an imperfect Christian aiming for the prize.

My daily routine includes, among others, reading prayers posted by Nkechi Harry Ngonadi on Instagram (@nhn_couture) and sharing it with a few girlfriends as encouragement. I will share today’s prayer below. If this is for you, may you be encouraged. Have a wonderful and victorious day and week. God is seated on the throne and your name is inscribed in His palms.

O God,
this new day opens before us with promise and opportunity.
It is your gift to us; help us to make it our gift to you.
The day lies before us like a page waiting to be written.
Save us from scribbling over it with meaningless marks and idle doodling.
Help us to write somewhere upon it
a poem of praise,
a prayer of compassion,
a significant sentence.
Help us to say less and to mean more,
to make gestures of grace and not of haste.
Give us good words to speak, good thoughts to think,
good deeds to do.
But above all, evoke from us praise, that we may be the best of all givers,
and give thanks to you.
I thank You this day. I thank You for my being able to be awake again, to see and hear the morning. I am blessed because You are a forgiving Father and an understanding one at that.
You have done marvellous things for me and my loved ones yet You still continue to bless me with so much more. Please forgive me every day for some things I may have done, said or thought. That may not have pleased You and I ask You now for your forgiveness.
Please keep me and my loved ones from all danger and harm. Help me start this day with a new, pleasant attitude with plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so I can hear Your loving voice. Please broaden my mind that I can accept all things without judgement. Let me not whine or complain over things I have no control over. And when the world closes in on me, let me remember the example of Jesus, to slip away and find a quiet place to pray. Continue to use me to do Your Will.

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