Still waters

The world has somehow managed to instill fear in us at the thought of these two words.

Still waters.

Too many horror movies.

A milder choice would be too many NatGeo documentaries. ✌️

Anyway. The better part of this week I have been finding myself thinking about it.

Still waters are considered dangerously boring. An oxymoron in its most perfect description. Boredom and danger only apply with substances and subsequent addiction. However, still waters hide the greatest depth of knowledge, wisdom, understanding & subsequent fulfillment.

See. We have grown up being taught that still waters run deep. What that means, in its simplest form, is don’t take things at face value. Look deep. Within. Patiently. Watchfully. Stealthily. Otherwise, you may ruffle a few feathers and probably even miss out on your blessing.

Another simple way to look at still waters can be illustrated with an experience I had with my daughter a few hours ago. A new supermarket has come to town and girls love shopping. In our case, window shopping. At the meat section, we saw a lot of different types of fish fillet and listed all of them down in my phone so that we can get to see the whole live creatures on YouTube.

2 hours later. We did just that for the rest of the day. One thing I noted is that most of these fish would be fished at dusk or at a depth of 5 feet onwards. They are rarely caught by the shore. One has to go deep, be patient, watch, be skillful in approach and silent (at times).

Funnily enough. The fishing areas would be as large as an ocean or a pond. The constant value being how still the water appeared on the surface. Meaning it was deep, hence the stillness.

In our, otherwise non-fishing, reality we find ourselves complaining to God about how our contexts lack action. Appear dead. Boring and predictable. No fun & friends.

It’s tempting, to ‘unbelieve’ scripture when you reach this point.

But, God proves Himself with David’s confession in Psalms 23 verse 2[b]; He (the Lord) leads me beside still waters.

In the still waters, David may have been able to reflect, restrategise war and political plans, gain knowledge, skills & understanding, understood who was a friend, foe or a traitor in the camp amongst many other victorious activities or life saving decisions that were made.

Allow me to confidently say; the still waters experience are more for your benefit than anyone else.

Stop complaining.

Start praising.

Be watchful.

Improve your skills/knowledge while in your situation.

Be patient.

Be silent. You don’t have to announce it to everyone.


You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

Be found faithful to your purpose in all contexts by always going deep. Do not let the face value deny you your birth right.

God bless.

Dear Lord, grant me discernment to never leave any still waters experience empty handed from this point on. Thank you for enlightenment and forgive me for my stubbornness. In Jesus name, Amen.

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7 Thoughts

  1. ….too many horror stories about them still waters….nat geo 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Still good to know that it’s in the still waters that you get revaluations like David.👍


  2. The horror stories part🤷🤷🤷🤷..I cannot watch any horror movies. May geo n still waters…the heebie-jeebies 🥺🥺.
    Thank the good lord for the still waters and the renewal in them.
    I’m still learning to be still 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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