Be quiet

What is Jesus saying to you?

To Simon and Andrew He said ‘Come & follow me” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Mark 1:17

To Levi son of Alphaeus “Follow me.” Mark 2:14

To Matthew the tax collector “Follow me.” Matthew 9:9

To Philip “Follow me” John 1:43 who then convinced Nathaniel later on.

To the demon possessed man in the Synangogue at Capernaum “Be quiet. Come out of Him.” Mark 1:25

Spend time in His presence and listen to what He has in store for you.

What are you facing today?

  1. Are you torn between choosing friends? Luke 6:12-13. Jesus spent time in prayer before choosing the 12 Apostles from the many disciples who were following Him.
  2. Are you breaking out to a new position and the possibility of promotion and popularity is evident? Luke 2:42 & 43. Jesus ministry was taking the town by storm and He needed to be sure whether He should stay Capernaum or move on to Judea. He went to a solitary place to pray and found God’s answer that was contrary to popular opinion.
  3. Are you facing a life changing decision? A life altering decision? Choice of a life partner? What next after a major loss? Luke 9:28 & 29 Jesus spent time in prayer and had and encounter leading to His transfiguration. Before confirming your big decision, check with God.

What is Jesus saying into your situation today?

He did not need someone else to pray for Him and tell Him what to do. Rather He taught us how to pray? But, do we really? And, are we honest enough with Him in our times of prayer?

Maybe that is why things are as they are. Maybe it is your season of waiting? Maybe He is waiting for us to clear our schedules and give Him an uninterrupted time of prayer.

Be quiet and pray.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

As you get guidance and answers to matters submitted in prayer, still be quiet. How? Give thanks to God and testify of His goodness, faithfulness and guidance and be quiet. The leprous man in Luke 1:40 to 45 was instructed by Jesus to be quiet after he received his healing. Guess what he did after he was healed? He was not quiet. All he needed to do was to offer sacrifices as per the commandments issued to Moses but he went and announced to the world what God had done. He may have missed out on the next big thing in his life out of a moment of wreckless abandon.

The gift of faith calls for obedience that is most often interpreted as reckless abandon because everything is now left to God to operate and we become mere vessels. The leprous man did the inverse. He operated and left God’s voice. Be quiet.

It is one thing to testify of the Lord’s doing and encourage one another. It is another to do it under the cover and influence of prayerful quietness. May the Lord help us to grow into this understanding so that we do not miss out on His will.

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