Baby Faith

Do you believe that you are supposed to pray for anything?

Do you not believe?


Do you project your faith based on your experiences? i.e. you find it easier to believe God as the defender but not a good father because your earthly father was a ever-present & good lawyer at work yet absent at home.

Is your faith similar to a child, mustard seed or are you too mature for such?

How do you build your faith? Through your Bible? Quiet time? Prayer? Or has your pastor become a demi-god? Ouch!

We falter, at times. We are imperfect Christians made perfect through faith. However, faith is a gift that has to be nurtured.

Let me take a minute, scratch that, an hour of your time and have you watch Pastor Mike of Transformation Church speak to you today. He definitely spoke to me.

Baby Faith — Crazy Faith (Part 2), Transformation Church August 2019

God bless you.

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