A break from the norm

This is a rallying call to change someone’s life. Once the goal has been attained, I will delete this post.

Nb. DM stands for Domestic Manager aka Househelp or Nanny.

The DM transfer window is fast approaching adding more stress to the #77DayOfJanuary coming up.

Most of our DMs will not come back in January 2020 in the name of “kuna matanga ya mjomba”, ” tuma fare” or simply phones will be switched off for the polite exits😅. Well, the impolite ones may have already insulted you, stolen from you only for you to discover 2 weeks after they left or have gotten married to the caretaker or watchman as soon as you released her 🤐🤐.

If you live within Nyali, Bombolulu & Tudor areas in Mombasa, I bear the first gift of the 12 days of Christmas way before time. A sweet, petite Christian lady has been cleaning for me the last 2 weeks after I shipped my descendants to their ancestral home to bond with the extended family. One thing I am sure of is that my DM will be back therefore I have to release ***Grace in the next two weeks.

(***Name changed)

This is her story;

She has been jobless since September 2019 to date. Grace is a mother of 2 kids and has been unable to pay rent since then to date. As of last week, when I bumped into her, her landlord had taken her to the chief and was to kick her out the same day. Luckily, with some intervention, she still has a roof over her head. This tells you that food and school fees is still not a guarantee for the kids.

This is where you come in.


If you live within Nyali, Bombolulu & Tudor areas in Mombasa and are able to pay a monthly salary as per the General Wages Order for Mombasa, Nairobi & Kisumu areas if you need a day scholar or at least, on a humanitarian basis, pay her slightly above the daily charge for the once or twice a week, do not hesitate to get in touch. I guarantee that she is a good time keeper, thorough, keen on her work and very receptive to feedback.

In case you are wondering how I met her, let me tell you. Last week we held a Holiday Bible Club for Sunday School kids in our church and she had brought her kids to attend. Our church doesn’t charge for such events. I met her and as we were chatting I got to know her story and this is how I can help her.

So can you.


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