He restores

The beauty of knowing whose you are is that even in rocky times, especially when the foundations are shaken, the Lord’s abiding presence is always there.

He may not be as loud as at normal times but when you know Him, then you know He is there with you. He will gently nudge you on the correct thing to do and say even when your heart cannot make any sense of it during the difficult times.

In other instances, He allows you to be thoroughly crushed and brought to a pulp. The mistake we always make, I included, is we rush to say that the Lord has let me down at my lowest. In reality, the Lord is making new wine to pour out of your life. As He makes new wine out of your life story, new wineskin is also needed. This means that a new mindset elevating you from your previous position has to be created.

It is said that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. Allow me to tell you, that in your shaking and crushing, use that season to cement your relationship with God and allow Him to take you to that secret place where you can cry and question in His presence and at the same time allow Him to elevate your thinking and approach to life matters to His level and not that of your flesh.

Once you reach this level of thinking and relationship with the Lord, He starts to manifest by allowing you to see the need of forgiveness and love not from your flesh point of view but His and alignment to His purpose.

2019 may have been a year of rest for some. For others, it may have been a year of trials and tribulations. It is difficult to count it all joy if your relationship with Jesus is not cemented because you are facing life without the shield of faith.

Put on your armour (Ephesians 6:10-18) and ask Christ to show what each of the parts of the armour truly means.

Then you will see that truly He restores your soul.

The Abnormal Christian