Purpose, Power & Prayer

Today, I mentioned the faith of Simon the sorcerer in a meeting and that thought has continued to linger in my mind 5 hours later.

If you have not read the post, here it is.

I guess the thought lingers because of how real this character is in our daily living if we care to study those around us more keenly. I mean, those who only change their way because of political and majority reasons and not conviction.

Pray for them. God is not limited by human actions. He is “limited” by our failure to pray for those who are like Simon the sorcerer. Pray in the finest of details. Pray in the language of your heart. No matter how long or short the prayer is, pray without ceasing!

This was the other thing that I mentioned in the meeting. Prayer. Prayer is not just “Lord I want/need/help/provide/protect/deliver/vindicate/cover/teach etc”. Prayer is also ” Thank you, Lord”. Rarely do we do this and we end up counting issues instead of blessings while inside and outside the place of prayer.

This begs the following questions;

  1. Where is the prayer in your life? Priority wise.
  2. What is in your prayer? A script or a heartfelt conversation with your maker.
  3. How deliberate is the prayer? This is almost similar to 1 but slightly different.
  4. Why do you pray?
  5. For whom do you pray?
  6. Does prayer come naturally or must someone pray for you or over you?
  7. Observe when you pray? Is it a reaction or a proactive choice?

I choose to ask myself these questions because the fruits of my prayers depend on it. You see, I never prayed to be a pastor’s wife but I am. In this environment, I have learned a lot of things. Key being listen & look at how people pray as it informs me of the answers to the above questions, in part. In this environment, I have also learned the purpose and power of prayer & I utilise it. Do I struggle with& in prayer, at times. What to do? Be honest with God and tell Him that you are struggling. Even if it means that I will remain silent for the rest of the time I have set aside for prayer, so shall it be.

God is calling us back to this place & position of prayer for that is the epicentre of all issues. We get;

  1. To release matters of the heart without any fear of judgement or rejection.
  2. To speak life in matters that are otherwise dying through the authority given to every believer.
  3. To seek guidance from the Master on matters we are unsure of.
  4. To weigh our options in the presence of the Master in light of Scripture.
  5. To get reassurance or redirection.
  6. To hear what the Master is saying in prophecy, teaching & revelation.

Saints, prayer informs actions. Vice versa answers one of the questions raised earlier. Lastly, prayer is a command and not just a desire in your relationship with Jesus. Disobedience is likened to sin of witchcraft in Scripture 1 Samuel 15:22-23.

Maybe we all are Simon the sorcerer when we fail to pray. I leave you to ponder over that.

God bless you and have a prayerful February.

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