Picking up from my previous post, just after alighting from the bus at Accra road, I walked uphill, crossed Tom Mboya street and perched myself along the wall of the building opposite the public toilets to hail a taxi. Not the National Archives, the other building that has a college that has branded all the walls.

My driver calls and the usual banter follows then I ended the conversation after mutual agreement on the pick up point.

On my left was a young lady in her early 20s, in a maroon jacket, white jeans trousers, a dark top (can’t remember the color) & wearing a sling bag . On my right, the little girl whom I wrote about in the previous post.

After hanging up, the young lady approached me,

Hi, I am not a bad person but I need your help” She stated

Hi, what’s up” I responded as I clutched my handbag tightly, pushed my small suitcase with my right leg to my back as I scouted with my eyes on whom might be watching us. I was asking myself, “Is she a distraction so that thugs can pounce on me?” Don’t judge. I have had my share of experience with thugs in Nairobi.

“I am supposed to meet my friend & it has been over an hour and she has not shown up” She further explained.

“So, how am I supposed to be of help?” I asked

I forgot my phone at home and I need to know if she, my friend, is still coming coz it is getting late. May I borrow your phone and talk to her?”

At that moment I really cursed why I did not hail my taxi while on the bus and waited till when I had crossed Tom Mboya street. Then an idea struck;

“I don’t have airtime. I can only receive calls” Was my bright idea πŸ™‚

I can buy you airtime and let you load. I promise I am not a bad person. I just left my phone at home.” She insisted.

“Why did you leave it at home?” I persisted.

Long wierd silence followed. The silence confirmed my suspicion.

“I am sorry but I am not comfortable with helping you. I can’t help you at the moment and I ask that you understand that this conversation is over.” I concluded the conversation and moved a few steps away. She retreated back to her position.

Then a wierd pretend-staring game continued. She pretended not to look at me and when I caught her, she would pull her gaze away & vice versa. In the meanwhile, I asked myself a lot of questions like, why isn’t she asking the taxi drivers directly infront of her for help? Suppose she is genuine, then am I officially a wicked person? If I give her the phone then she turns the story around to say that I have stolen her phone, what would be my back up plan? Why is she so fixed at staring at me? Is it obvious that I am not from Nairobi? We relocated out of Nairobi some 5 years ago. If I move from here, I know a lot of thugs hang around the Tom Mboya statue which is within earshot of where I was standing. Am I a sitting duck? Should I move or should I wait for fate?

Weirdly enough, her friend shows up, hugs her and they walk away. I had seen that face as I was crossing the road earlier. Weirdly enough & I kid you not, as I was turning to look for a sitting place is when I encountered the young girl from the previous post.

Fast forward, to my end of day meditation. My conclusion of that experience was the parable of the ten virgins, 5 of them did not carry extra oil as they waited for the groom to arrive. I looked at this way, maybe the foolish virgins thought of themselves highly and presumed that they can obtain extra oil by trickery or kindness of strangers in light of the context. Well, that did not work out. Even when they pleaded with the groom, the door was slammed shut in their faces. At some point, wisdom in your own eyes, mere wretchedness and lack of preparedness amounted to naught.

Are you wise in your own eyes or in the eyes of your groom i.e. Jesus Christ?

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2 Thoughts

  1. Now I get the parable of the 10 virgins!!!! 😁😁 For real, it’s when I’m getting it after this simple and ‘kawaida’ story. The things we do and the assumptions we make!!!
    God help us all.


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