The Mission of God

I am still thinking about my last trip to Nairobi.

Things became more weird by the day. You see, my appointment was somewhere along Beijing road. I was late. Super late courtesy of taxis that I attempted thrice to hail from 2 different hailing apps on my phone. It was not my day because it appeared like all the drivers did not want to take me across town.

I ended up figuring this out by the third taxi.

I hailed the first taxi an hour plus to the meeting. The first taxi driver told me he won’t do my trip and that I should cancel the trip. I did not. I mean, why should my profile read that I did not take the trip. The second one was uncooperative. The third one……even after agreeing on the shortest time & route to use from his location to mine, and waiting patiently for 15 minutes and noting no change in his location on the app, had the audacity to inform me that he was looking for a jumper cable as the battery had died. I gave in & cancelled the trip. Looking at my watch, I only had 15 minutes to move from Ngong road to Beijing road.

The traditional Kenyan taxis are God sent. This particular taxi got me to my meeting despite being 20 minutes past appointment time and even asked if he could wait for me or just go. I chose the latter.

Anyway, I went for the meeting and put my best foot forward despite the bad impression aka lateness and ended better than I thought. Deep in my heart I felt like a flop because there are some meetings, like this one, lateness is a big NO. But God and His mission for my life. On my face, I wore a brave mask and in my mind I prayed a million prayers. The outcome of the meeting, as I learnt recently, was a very good one. 90% of what I was to be achieve, was delivered. Blame the 10% on the lateness.

So, after the meeting, I stepped outside of the premises and decided to use public means back to my aboard in Nairobi. As I was walking towards the main road, I noticed the small kiosks selling wares & fruits by the roadside and wanted to purchase but my last 2 encounters with the streets of Nairobi told me otherwise in hindsight.

As I was about to reach the end of Beijing road, I noticed a silver salon car had stopped and the driver, a lady, was busy smiling at me. I quickly tried to check mentally which of my friends, that reside around this area, fit her profile.

None came up.

I tried to think of friends of friends. One came up but we had not been formally introduced. I thought of my buddy’s wife who looked strikingly familiar. Short, stylish hair with a neat cut, milk chocolate soft skin and an awesome smile. The downside is this; the only time I would have been formally introduced would have been at the wedding but I skipped it due to logisitical reasons.

I really regretted why I missed the wedding. then again I queried, what kind of stories had my buddy told her about me that she would recognise me straight away without any need for introduction. I know for a fact that I was a tomboy in campus but I was saved – still am – but I was radical with a huge pinch of naivety.

When I was within earshot, I had her ask, “Can I give you a ride to town?”

This is the heated debate within my heart and mind that took place;

Heart: Fare from here to town is 50 shillings & another 50 to Adams to run some errands and another 50 to your aboard because it will be rush hour by then.

Mind: So?

Heart: If you take up this offer, you save at least 50 shillings. Suppose she is going your way, you will save another 50 shillings and will not spend so much eventually.

Mind: Stranger danger. Is that not what you teach your kids, mama?

Heart: 100 shillings savings is a lot of money…….

Mind: What will you tell your husband if something bad happens to you? Do you know your mother has every legal right to beat you up if you make such a silly decision?

Hi, I was wondering if I could give you a ride to town. I am headed that way” She repeated.

I felt as though I was the deciding factor between 2 choices. My mind won.

No thanks.” I retorted. ” I am fine” I smiled.

You sure?” She asked.

Yes, thank you very much.” I assured her

She drove off and my heart gave my mind a lecture about expenditure in the city whereas my mind fought back with logic, trust and long life arguments. I ended making a phone call to a dear friend so that I could distract myself from the battle within.

After I returned back to Mombasa, I decided to look for my buddy and ask him about his wife coz these two fellas just did not want drop this silly argument over a potential 100 shillings savings. This is how the conversation went;

My mind won. Hooray!!!! Yet the say women are crazy…… mind was flipping sommersaults and having a ball.

Then enter the third party: My soul.

Soul: Hey guys, let’s meditate about this.

Heart: Really Soul?! Where have you been all this time that Mind here has been bullying me?

Soul: Heart, that is mind over matter.Though you know you can’t be trusted especially when working solo.

Mind: Laughing and rolling on the floor pointing at heart.

Heart: You see. (pointing Mind to Soul)

Soul: It is very important that we work together here least we are put on meds & we don’t want that. Do we?

Heart & Mind: (In a chorus) No, we don’t.

Soul: Good (Folding arms). Now, Mind please lead us in a word of prayer and then we all take our positions.

Mind: (can’t remember a word in that prayer)

After they all took their positions, Soul begins his lecture;

My friends, Scripture says love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. That is the only way to understand, or at the very least appreciate, the mission of God in this short preview that we are experiencing here on earth. Eternity awaits.

Heart, your greatest area of operation is the expression of love and you have to work only after you have convinced Mind and Mind has agreed to corporate with you. Failure to which disaster will happen, need I remind you of a few incidences. I will just mention one. Heart, you decided to make the pancakes more fluffy, you bulldozed Mind to add triple the baking soda into the recipe and the pancakes came out fluffy but bitter and they were thrown out. Nobody ate them. You wasted food in January.

Mind, you are strong, logical and not easily moved. Expand your knowledge and trust Heart especially when the word intuition is mentioned. Intuition points what you cannot see but you understand what the heart doesn’t and that is why teamwork is very important even if a time out is required. Is that clear?


At the end of the day, I, the soul, am the one who has to clear up both your messes, carry the guilt and burden for your action and inactions and will eventually end up in heaven or hell literally. So, we best work together. My role into this whole equation is to make sure that I am hearing correctly from your Maker. Mind, utilise discernment when it is given to you and Heart……wisdom is yours for the taking in plenty. Oh and another thing, when we three can’t figure out something, we should not give up. Rather we forward the matter to the Maker and let Him advise.

Now, can we kiss and make up coz I hear footsteps of the Maker and He had mentioned that He wanted to find the house in order so that He can give us instructions for our next assignment.

Heart and Mind reconciled and agreed on a modus operandi to be adopted.

Soul ushered in the presence of the Maker and all the four had a refreshing time in the fellowship meeting. Of course, the Maker brought up this argument to the 3 and explained His mission during the weird happenings in the Nairobi trip.

Heart still tries to be adventurous but Mind & Soul have kept Heart in check to date.

So far,so good.

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