When we come into this world, we enter with our fists clenched, ready to grab every & any opportunity.

Life goes on…….

When we get old(er) and die, we die with our palms open. This happens because we have gained an understanding that we live giving & leave this earth with nothing.

So, I made a deal with God. If you help me get through each day, then I will serve you to the letter.

That is my glory.

A Rabbi (in a movie) was asked, if he died and was given 5 minutes exclusively with God, what would he say?

The Rabbi responded, ” I would spend the first 3 minutes interceding for my family. The next minute I would pray for anyone that I know in need of my help. The last-minute I would ask God for atonement for the things I have failed to accomplish.”

The Rabbi went further and added that God would probably reprimand him saying “You fool! That’s what you ought to have been doing while on earth.

What’s your glory?

We will never have all the answers in life. What is so inspiring about the journey of faith is believing in Someone greater while in the quest for answers.

God sings. We hum along.

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