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Mono means one. Poly means many. When the two words are put together it simply means one controlling many for a plethora of readons. A good example is the tomato shortage being experienced in Mombasa town.

Growth is an interesting experience especially if you look at it from the teacher’s point of view. The teacher might be your mentor, teacher, counsellor, pastor, priest, parent, elder sibling etc.

As a parent, we tend to take up some things under the wing and move on without even considering why we are doing it. All that matters is that it is the duty as a parent to take care of the child and some things s/he will understand at a later stage. In essence, both the parent and child are in the classic game of monopoly but every win that the parent scores is apportioned to the child. On the flip side, the child is ignorantly excited that s/he is better than the parent. The parent knows if they were to play head to head, one of the two would end the game in a tear-filled tantrum & it would not be the parent. Maybe, at this point, we can agree with the Englishman that ignorance is bliss.

What are the consequences of the parent’s action;

  1. The child better understands the currency of the game.
  2. Self-esteem & trust is built both ways because the child learns to trust self as well as the leading of the parent and the parent is able to trust the child when they consistently make wise moves during play.
  3. The parent is able to know the weaknesses of the child through the complaints, questions & comments made while at the game.
  4. As a result of #2 above, the child begins to master calculated moves and rules of the game.
  5. The child can take up a new or additional role such as the banker and no longer just a player.
  6. As a result of #5 above, the parent slowly pulls back the sheltered approach to the game by allowing the child to build more muscle by him/herself. The parent only steps in to resolve misunderstandings eventually.
How does the above apply in the child’s life;
  1. They are quick to understand the currency of each context e.g. politics, money, friendship, networking, negotiations, faith etc.
  2. They understand that the value of calculated moves is greater than sheltered moves.
  3. They are able to take a risk or risks because they believe in themselves.
  4. They are able to identify, understand and appreciate the role of the expert in each context.
  5. They understand the value & presence of competition.
  6. They are able to balance the lesson with the game ideally.

In matters of faith, look at the parent as God and you as the child. The difference is quite minimal really because as we mature in certain areas of faith, we are still undergoing training in another area. You see, where we are experts, we have mastered the confidence, the skill (gifting & fruit) required and the currency required for that area. Therefore, we are able to both trade and tread confidently in that area.

In the area of training, God tells you that either way victory is already guaranteed for you because He has both done the “trading” through the finished works of Christ and treaded on the enemy on your behalf and has put your name on it. As long as we remain faithful learners, players, teammates & colaborers under the leading & training of God, then victory is guaranteed because you are learning from the Master Himself.

At times we may think that the Master and the learner are in opposing teams but the reality is that you are being shown on the path to take as well as how to weigh your decisions in the process.

Why? The only one who may be opposing the training may be the learner i.e. you. Why? It is expected of each of us to move from milk to meat.

Learn & master your lesson quickly. Do not be quick to complain about certain life experiences until you are sure that that is not an area of training for you. Train hard and train well for the reward awaits. If this is how we play monopoly here on earth, I am truly appreciative of the scores that God is keeping in heaven.

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