Lazarus of Bethany

Today’s post is triggered by a post that i saw in Facebook yesterday morning.

Source: Facebook

Jesus gave 2 striking answers. First, Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death……… & second Lazarus is dead.  And for your sakes, I’m glad I wasn’t there, ……….

Read John 11:1-44

Aren’t we all like Thomas. One moment full of faith. The next, full of doubt.

There is a lot to think about those 2 responses but the most assuring thoughts are;

  • Jesus is my friend
  • I can trust Him even if I don’t understand.
  • Belief in Him ends up in glorifying Him.
  • Prayer, even in seasons of doubt, is key.
  • Confidence in His word feeds my faith
  • Previous sacrifices do not end in an event but are valued by the person whom I worship i.e. Jesus. Remember King Hezekiah & Mary annointing the feet of Jesus with oil from the alabaster box.
  • God’s timing & not mine, even if I have to shed a few tears.
  • Make merry when it is daylight. Present your prayers, supplications and requests to God when in His presence i.e. light because the opposite season shall at one point be. These prayers made in daylight shall sustain you in that season.
  • Even in the season of darkness & stumbling, God’s hand is not too short to save you from there.
  • God will answer our prayers in the fashion that will cause us to believe and not the way we expect. Submit to His way. Doubting Thomas had the best attitude Let’s go, too, so that we may die with Him.
  • Some of our prayers, sigh! Vs 21-26.
  • Our prayers should be heavily laden with thanksgiving, even when in pain, mourning or in darkness.
  • Since God already knows your request before you say it, get straight to the point when making your request. “Lazarus, come out.”

Let us pray.