The other one.

What about the other son who is not the prodigal son. The one who is not long lost and thought dead. That one.

We have focused so much on the one repentant of his selfish greed and ignored the one who was always there with the father.

Was he entitled to his bitterness and disgust when the father celebrated the return of his ‘resurrected’ child?

Was it in order for the other one to feel displaced by one less deserving?

I mean he labored daily and sacrificed everything just to stand by his father?

Was it in order for him to be so entitled on his mind?

Should he have assumed total and complete bequething after the ‘so not triumphant’ exit of his sibling?

My simple response is ‘We receive not because we ask not’.

It is time to have candid conversations with the Father so that you understand His mind and actions and avoid disappointments that will lead you into decisions that are not aligned to His purpose for you.

The Father says that I no longer call you servants but friends, because servants do not know what the Master is doing.

Love and grace to you.