Two Things

18  so that by these two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to prove false, we who have taken refuge in him might be encouraged to seize the hope set before us.       Hebrews 6:18

At times, the technical study of the Scripture makes it harder to understand what one is reading. One wise man told me that if you read the Bible in the common language, in this case, English, and you don’t understand it, then read it in your first language. In my case, it is Swahili.

18 ili kwa vitu viwili visivyoweza kubadilika, ambavyo katika hivyo Mungu hawezi kusema uongo, tupate faraja iliyo imara, sisi tuliokimbilia kuyashika matumaini yale yawekwayo mbele yetu;
Waebrania 6:18.

The unchangeable character of God and the faithfulness of His promises are the 2 things that should help us through this time of uncertainty.

Some of us are already depressed, jobless, tired, at wits end, giving up to fate, spiteful, acutely irritable and the list goes on.

Seize the hope that is before you. Why? Coz hope is more contagious than a pandemic.

How do I change from being hopeless to hopeful?

  • Look at the mirror and have a talk with the (wo)man in there. Ask him/her to change their ways of thinking, believing, speaking & acting/responding.
  • Sanitise your environment by keeping clean. Keeping clean means not only the physical but also what you allow to listen to because it determines your mental health. Keep around people and information that pushes you to be positive and hopeful.
  • Be the help that everyone needs. What you send out is what comes back to you. Call and check up on your friends and encourage them.
  • Pray. Pray for the (wo)man you spoke with in the mirror, for the events unfolding and that which is yet to unfold. Also, pray for your friends.

God’s unchangeable character and His unfailing promises will get us through. This is the very hope set before us in this season.


14 Thoughts

  1. Such a positive approach. As for me what’s keeping me sane and going during this quarantine is reading the Word of God, my goal is to have read several books in the Bible during this time. I also do home workouts, this takes my mind off of the things they’re going on.

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  2. Helly
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I have learnt that building my hope on the unshakable Rock Jesus Christ is the greatest gift I received from God. And God watches over His word to perform so I rest assured in His promises.
    When my heart is overwhelmed by the happenings am assured to be lead to a Rock that is higher than I. Psalms 61:2
    Secondly, seeing the gross fear and desperation engulfing people of all nations, religious ,social , political, economic and including technological standing I would want to remind myself to fear hellfire more than Corona. Because hellfire will be eternal no more grace it is finality.
    I wonna shout to the world ” The grace of God is available for all through Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin and hope of eternal glory.
    We are temporary tenants paying nothing for the earth we subdue.
    What an awesome Father !


    1. Let us shout to the world because I am reading stories of atheists now believing that there is God. I have also heard of masses getting saved. All because of those who shouted. Let us shout and proclaim Him who was, who is and is to come.


  3. Home is where I find comfort away from the noise of the outside world. At the end of the day, I just want to relax and take it easy. And now an opportunity has presented itself for me to relax, Netflix and chill at home.

    The first few days of quarantine are exciting as I get to relax on a weekday as I would on a weekend. Then I got bored after a few days, as I didn’t feel any challenge. I am normally excited about finishing small tasks. So I started running in the morning, learning how to cook different dishes, reading the word of God diligently and praying everytime I feel the spirit moving in my heart.

    Thank you so much, for reminding us how great our God is. He is bigger and greater than any situation we’re in.


  4. At such a time, people need to check upon each other, pray and worship God cause most of the time people are so desperate on there works and tend to forget about the word of God and the things he does in us
    So inspirationak


  5. This is very encouraging. Thank you for this for for we truly need to look at our inner self to be able to sanitize ourselves and eventually our environment.

    God blessings


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