These are interesting times that we are experiencing. Life has always been interesting but this moment, I choose to define it as spectacular because it is a spectacle to behold. Why?

  • Study how people react and respond to both a crisis and pandemic.
  • See the true nature of our leaders and the leadership agenda.
  • Understand the true meaning of life and living
  • All man-made agenda stopped i.e. carbon emission, smoke pollution, degeneration of natural resources etc.
  • Empty church buildings yet the body of Christ is regenerating.
  • The value of human interaction.
  • The depth & quality of conversations.
  • The media content i.e. both social and mainstream.
  • The actualisation of fresh air, decongested traffic and birds perching on my window singing good morning
  • The core of relationships are being exposed and redefined if not strengthened.
  • Kids understanding the times much better and faster than their adult counterpart.
  • Return of humanity. In some cases, the absence of it.
  • The list is endless……..just watch keenly.

Study to show thyself approved. A worker who correctly handles the word of truth. Why? Because judgement first starts with the house of God. By human standards, it has already started because some church institutions have already started being called out on not practising what they preach i.e. doors are slammed shut and no activity in response to the common challenge that the society is facing. Others, on the other hand, are operating in the prophetic and attending to the physical, spiritual and medical needs of the moment.

What is my thought on the above? Two things; you shall know them by their fruits. Second, study to show thyself approved. Not your pastor, prophet, evangelist or apostle. S/he has his own struggles and cares as well as none of us is superhuman neither immortal.

Leave judgment to God.

Are we studying the scriptures on our own and depending on our relationship with the Master for interpretation, comprehension and application? Or are we waiting for the church doors to re-open for us to search for our Bibles from God knows where?

Not the Bible apps.

God ain’t structured like an app. An app is inanimate. It helps, yes. Yet it is not the ultimate design that God put in place.

Remember, when Peter was imprisoned in Rome he asked for the parchments to be sent over to him while there (2nd Timothy 4:14). He could recite them without visual reference but there is value in studying it over and over again. That could be the reason why the 24 elders, to date, still bow down and worship God. They see a new face of God every time they lift up their heads. Could be. We will understand it fully when we get there.

We will get there only when approved. The approval stamp reads well done good and faithful servant.

Dear servant, answer these questions that God is asking you tonight;

  • Is it true that you have hidden My Word in your heart so that you may not sin against Me?
  • Are you with a thankful heart even when it hurts or even confusing?
  • Are you, like the church in Berea, referring to Scripture before accepting any teaching? Even from your pastor?
  • Are you applying Scripture in these dark times as an individual & not just through the church as an institution?
  • If I were to call you to rest right now, what works will you present for approval?
  • How well are you using the gifts I have put in your hands?
  • Lastly, what is the last thing that you studied in My Word? & how are you intending to use the knowledge gained? When will you use it?

We all desire to be approved workmen. The key is to study the Word of God consistently, intently and prayerfully.

Consistency allows you to medidtate and hide God’s Word in your heart. It comes up timely in times of need.

Intentionally reading allows you to align your actions and motives with what you are learning from Scripture.

Prayerfully considering the Word of God allows for revelation of the deeper meaning to be brought to the surface. Revelation is birthed out of intimacy.

Dear worker, study the Word of God. Time is running out.

Matthew 24.

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