Broken or Hypocrite?

I came across this blog in my morning read today and it gave me a fresh perspective on Christianity.

Read it below:

When asked if you are a Christian, what is the response you give?

  • I am born again
  • I am a Christian
  • I am a follower of Christ
  • I am a Galilean and was with that crazy guy called Jesus.
  • I am like that crazy guy called Jesus Christ i.e. Christian.

All these are perfect answers. What about giving honest answers that;

  • I am a recovering __________ hidden in Christ.
  • I believe in Jesus Christ and am working on gaining His attitude though mine takes over every so often.
  • I am a work in progress because I know that every day I will fail Him in one way or another and I acknowledge that as a fact.
  • I am struggling, just like you bro/sis. The only difference between is Christ in me, the hope of glory.

Dear Church, If this meant for you, please understand that we no longer live in the age of hypocrisy but brokenness. We will annoy and step on each other’s foot once in a while. Let’s remember that we are all broken and respond to each other with the mind of Christ.

Source: Facebook

Dear world, I was more broken than I am now and continue to be worked on. I am not perfect. I may have let you down. It is not the first time and I can guarantee you that it won’t be the last time. Like in the AA meetings, I declare that I am recovering even though I let you down 2 years ago and you still have not forgotten. I am sorry. All I am is a beggar showing another where I found an endless supply of bread and wine. Follow me as I follow Christ. Yeah, Christ is that crazy Galilean that I follow and have found Him to be true. Much love.

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