3G network Pt. 1

How are you fairing under social distancing? Here is a thought to ponder today.

Pastor Lusimba’s Corona Quarantine Epistle to Nyali Baptist church, in Dispersion and Isolation.

Dear Aliens and Strangers on Earth, the Apostle Paul encouraged us in Philippians 1:27-30, to put Christ and others first. He continues with this theme in Chapter 2, so join me as we examine verses 1-4.
This passage is actually a prelude to the next, verses 5-11. He makes an appeal for selflessness, yet again.

The Grounds for this appeal are stated in verse 1. The “if” used repeatedly in this verse is, strictly speaking, not conditional. Rather, it is rhetorical, in the sense that every one of the four clauses that comes after an “if” is true. Being in Christ results in consolation; love yields comfort; the Spirit fosters fellowship and mercy derives from affection.

The Gist of the appeal is also fourfold (verse 2); like-mindedness, which speaks of a common attitude; the same love, implying that they love the same thing and their love has a common source; one accord, meaning that they come to agreement on matters that confront them; and one mind, pointin to a unity of purpose.

The Goal of the appeal is to reach a selflessness (verses 3,4) in which selfish ambition that we so shamelessly promote, when we “look out for Number One,” and conceit, because of which we strive to move up and make a name for ourselves, while blocking the progress of others, these take a backseat to humility. By this humility we are to esteem others – placing them higher and considering them better than ourselves. Their interests should not be overshadowed by ours, but placed on an equal platform.
Do you feel like me? I have fallen so far, short of the standard here, that I don’t even know where to start. But Christ is our help, we can always call on Him.

Read more from Pst. Lusimba here.

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