3G Network Pt. 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. If you have not read it, here it is.

Here is Part 2.

Pastor Lusimba’s Corona Quarantine Epistle to Nyali Baptist Church, in Dispersion and Isolation. 15/04/2020 Ep 2

Dear Aliens and Strangers on Earth, the Apostle Paul encouraged to live a selfless life in many ways. As noted earlier, verses 1-4 of chapter 2 was a prelude to verses 5-11. Let us look at what he says in these verses.

The selfless attitude that we see in Christ follows from verses 5-8. Just as in the fourfold appeal of Paul (vs 2), we see humility in Christ in the same (vs 5-7) not negating His existence as God: Did not consider being equal with God something to be grasped, as one rides on identity; but emptied Himself, dressed down of His very nature of God; taking the form of a slave, forgoing the rights of a king or master; And being found in appearance like a man, becoming what He created. This attitude allowed Him not only to mingle with humanity but in identifying with it, he could reach out easily to redeem it.

The Goal was to take upon Himself the punishment that was and certainly still is, reserved for every soul that sinned; death. As if to say His stripping down of His royalty was never enough, He died on the cross; more shame (vs 8)! This would be considered a defeat, total failure but it was victory dressed in the nakedness of the cross. Not to be looked at, not because of shame, but the victors crown was so bright that its victory wouldn’t be mistaken.

In death came exaltation! Now we have a name that when mentioned, knees bow and tongues confess. The realm is not on earth alone but in heaven, on earth and under the earth (vs 9-11). More often than not, we endeavour to make a name for ourselves. We struggle to leave a legacy to be considered we perform our daily chores of life. Jesus humbled himself and “lost” the earthly glory of a name yet in His humility, His name was exalted in realms that are far beyond comprehension.

We often want to leave a mark in this life and at times we go beyond ourselves and lack the very character of humility which is a mark of selflessness to be found in the hallmarks of this life. This s what the society has given us if we are to found “relevant”. May God help me to not to hold on to the pride of this world and lose on what really matters by forsaking humility and missing the Lord’s exaltation.

May God help me……!

I believe that this is your desire too.

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