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We live in an interesting moment in time. Church buildings are closed yet more people than before are hearing the Good News. There are minimal evangelistic and mission programs yet most conversions & convictions by the Holy Spirit. Nil gatherings of poorly attended ministry programs yet the most afflicted yet edified groups is the core of society i.e. family.

Revelation. It is a fruit of intimacy with the Father.

Would I wish for the buildings to be shut a little bit longer? Yes. Here is my reasoning.

  • Men of the cloth are ministering to their families in person. This could explain the PK (Preacher’s Kid) phenomenon.
  • The virtue & value of prayer has been established at an individual level.
  • The value of relationships is more clear. Check your top 5 contacts in all platforms i.e. email, phone calls, texts, social media platforms etc to understand whom you value and who values you.
  • True nature of individuals is revealed. Disappointment, heartaches, surprises, joy & fresh starts are slowly being unveiled. The greater struggle is that there is now no clout that one can use to hide beneath it because everyone is coming out of the closet.
  • No gossip dates in the guise of coffee dates. I am especially glad because this was a common thing in my circle of influence and it really used to bother me, so I just grew distant. Little did I know that I became a trending topic for a while.
  • More Bibles are open & being read.
  • More genuine prayers are aimed at our Creator.
  • Separation of chaff from the wheat. Chaff is dead material whereas wheat is in hibernation ready to planting, germination and bearing of much fruit. We see a lot of chaff insisting on retaining religious traditions such as insistence on priests conducting Holy Communion service or gathering in person (in line with health guidelines or not), for a meeting whereas the wheat are having Holy Communion conducted by the priest of the home and meetings have an innovative twist to it. This is strictly speaking on church matters.
  • Most parents are now interacting with their children & are making headway in spending valuable time together. Of course, teething problems are part of the package.

Sadly, there is a downside.

  • Increased domestic violence as well as gender-based violence across all ages and genders. All there is and being seen is lip service but no action. Where are the NGOs, civil bodies, relevant government authorities?
  • Civil disobedience even and including from those considered committed Christians. Is it a moment of weakness or total ignorance of the requirement to submit to all God-given authority?
  • The institution of the Church not speaking to the authorities of the day. Rather, focus and insistence to move regular programs to a different platform. It is more arguable to use the strength of numbers to partner with the governing authority so that the welfare of mankind is well managed. Don’t get me wrong but the church is doing an awesome job feeding the needy but it should also additionally partner with governments to spread factual knowledge about the current situation of COVID-19. These are lessons drawn from previous national events such as the Huduma Namba in Kenya.
  • Social media is ablaze with both idlers and productive persons. Your guess is right! More attention goes to idlers as most of the productive posts and updates are ignored for petty reasons such as verbose, too long or not interesting enough.
  • Some marriages will definitely not stand the test of time because they were established on either a shaky or invisible foundation. What worked previously may not work this time neither in the future. Unless serious intervention is put in place of course.
  • Caregivers previously not bothered about the welfare of their guardianship taking it a notch higher and exposing children under their care to more moral and legal evils such as pornography, too much screen time amongst others.

There is good news because faith, hope & love, the greatest of them is love. The love of Christ compels us to always be on standby to be a point of contact for the ministry of Christ’s love & God’s will. This is not the time to look at our bank balances, the relevant connections to maintain & basically survive. This is the time for us to represent Christ both within & outside the Church. Otherwise, we may end up with sad tales when the building of the church is reopened.

There is faith that all things shall work together for our good.

There is love. The love of Christ compels not only to preach the Good News but to be representatives of Christ at all junctures & not just hidden behind the walls & programs of a building.

There is hope that as the church grows wider our individual relationships with Christ is growing deeper.

Revelation. It is a fruit of intimacy with the Father.

Ask for it & act quickly.

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  1. Great insight. Indeed all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Great testing yet great victories to them that have lifted their eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ and will continue to do so. Blessed hope.

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