This is a a post I put up on my Facebook wall a year ago today.

I have been battling with this question in my mind and was guilty to some extent, I even asked my husband before going to sleep last night. Here goes; Is it right for us to state that Jesus is our friend when all we do is ask of Him and not listen to Him?

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What a friend we have in Jesus is the commonest phrase we church folk love to use all the time. At times, sadly, we use it as a mask to hide behind our shortcomings. Very few times will this phrase be genuinely used. Confusing right? Let’s go back to the basics of friendship. Friendship is the state of being friends, a relationship between friends and also a state of mutual trust and support between persons, families, nations etc. Friends make time for each other, talk to each other and listen to each other but they are also frank to the point of asking questions that most of the times are uncomfortable but need a response. A friend should be someone whom you do not mind asking those rhetoric questions that may not have an answer. Beyond this, a friend should allow you to be offended by a frank response and still not cut off the friendship.

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A brother is defined as a male relative, and in the Christian network, a fellow Christian hence the term brethren. The wise King Solomon realised the difference between a brother and a friend and wrote. ‘A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who stays closer than a brother’ Psalms 18:24.

Christ’s friendship is not just Matthew 7:7 Ask, Seek and Knock but also allows us to engage him and asks us to come let us reason together Isaiah 1:18.

Most times where we go wrong is Ask, Seek and Knock and leave it at that. Rather when we ask, are we ready for the answer either yes, no or wait……especially the last two options. Or will we walk away and say I don’t fit in this church or this people do not know how to pray. When we are told to seek, are we patient in the finding process because many distractions will come along the way. Knock not on every door but on that specific one where your response awaits because many other doors are also ready and willing to open. I am guilty of sometimes viewing Christ as the go-to guy whenever I am in a fix especially the self-inflicted ones. The other thing I am certain of is that I am not the only one because as one famous preacher stated ‘the best actors are not found in Hollywood’. So long as the rapture has not happened, there is still time to go back and start again.

Here’s to true friendship and genuine hard work while at it.

Source: Facebook

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