Space Value

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I found the above video clip just too funny for life in light of the current homeschooling & online schooling that we have globally found ourselves in. The bitter pill, as parents, that we are now swallowing is that the school holiday has been extended by another 4 weeks. You see, it has always been fun & games especially as a parent because we easily blamed the teacher for anything that went wrong with our children.

Some teachers had it very rough because, well, some parents believe that their kids are saints while other parents either have a score to settle with the school administration or just outright proud. Many causes, many reasons and many excuses can be placed on the table but the truth is each one has a space value that we tend to ignore most of the time.

There was a day I was tutoring my son in the Swahili language then he asked me a question, “Muuuuuum, nomino ni nini?” In my mind, I acknowledged that I needed help. On my face, I pretended to be thinking because, as a parent, we have always told our children that we were the best in our class & school. We can narrate how we often held leadership positions automatically in school because of our academic prowess but here I was, I could not fathom what is a “nomino” 😁😁

On another earlier day, I was tutoring my daughter on Math and we bumped into a question from the home study pack that her class teacher had sent over; “What is the space value of the following numbers?” If God would allow me to swear, I would because I had a clear flashback of my math lesson in Uasin Gishu Primary as well as (The) Hill school on this topic. It was more of an epiphany coz I could clearly see myself, the teacher, the chalkboard, the noises, the jokes and my neatly covered books.

On a larger scale, let us study our space value in ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions and to infinity as individual, sectional and corporate members of the body of Christ.

My husband has written an intriguing post on the space value of priests and the fellowship of believers. The link is here below;

What is striking is how the extremes are currently in play such that priests in today’s world have a space value of ones i.e. should be as poor as a church mouse and be on call 24/7 regardless of the fact that as a human being there is a cost s/he will pay either socially, financially, morally, spiritually etc. The other extreme is that other priests have been given the highest space value and are ultimately out of reach with reality, the people who God has placed in their care, proud, demi-gods, lost in the confusion of grandeur and ultimately have lost their footing on their calling.

The one thing however, that affects everyone whether priest, servant, maid, spouse, child, parent, young, age, mature, foolish, wise or otherwise is that the Bible is very clear on the value of social distancing based on your space value.

In the context of a priest, the most devalued social distance is that of his/her family especially the pastor’s wife.

Please read these books.


They were eye-opening for me because I would normally get worked up but they shed some light on why some people just are the way they are. Sadly, others are more “special” and need intervention.

This is not a post about me but a reminder that we all have a space value & each value has a distance to cover and more so a social distance to maintain.

It will take some honest introspection with the help of the Holy Spirit for us to be in right standing with one another as well as with God.

May God help us all.

Nb. I eventually figured out that nomino is noun.

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