The beauty of words

This is the month of April 2020 in a glance. In case you missed me 😜, you have got quite some reading to do. If not, you have a lot to think about, comment on and share.

  • Story time
    Meat is given to the mature. Milk is for babies.
  • Match fixing
  • Just a second,
  • How to get your blessing.
    Yes! you read it right.
  • Hebrews 10:19
  • 12
    Authority & perfection.
  • Matthew 5:5
  • Dagon
    It is okay to be different.
  • Hehehe….
    Save us Lord
  • Matthew 5 :5
  • Variability
    Truly, truly God is good.
  • The pain of love
    Love is a decision. Love is a choice.
  • Love is a 4 letter word
    The lessons one has to go through to grasp 1 Corinthians 13! I remember Donald teaching us about loving the…
  • Poor man
    David understood.
  • Victory
    Reveal Your glory Lord.
  • Priorities
    Will it gain me right standing with God?
  • Help
  • Ten Days
    Stay focused, comrade. Viva!
  • Feet
    Laying something down at one’s feet;Doesn’t mean surrender. It means here are my cards;Guide me to secure the ultimate win.…
  • The price to pay.
  • Despair Disputed
    Aha! Alas!
  • Sick & Sinned
    The power of prayer is in its purpose.Not in its eloquence.Neither the grandness of the one saying it.What matters is…
  • THEME: Enemy
    Is it a someone or a something?
  • Fortified
  • 20/20 perfect vision
    In our questioning we realized some answers.
  • Additional changes
  • The Itinerant Acquaintance
    Today, I am going off the grid for a second. Bear with me.
  • Purpose vs Function
    In Delhi, there was a Samosa vendor. His shop was in front of a big company. His Samosa was so…
  • Hear or Listen?
    He deferred……
  • Saul
    Threat, threatened, captured. By Saul or the one Saul was against? You will be surprised when it is your turn.
  • Blind
    Let us make use of our money and resources prudently and to make friends who will greet us on the other side of the line that divides between this life and the eternal ages.

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