The beauty of words

This is the month of April 2020 in a glance. In case you missed me 😜, you have got quite some reading to do. If not, you have a lot to think about, comment on and share.

  • Purpose vs Function
    In Delhi, there was a Samosa vendor. His shop was in front of a big company. His Samosa was so…
  • Hear or Listen?
    He deferred……
  • Saul
    Threat, threatened, captured. By Saul or the one Saul was against? You will be surprised when it is your turn.
  • Blind
    Let us make use of our money and resources prudently and to make friends who will greet us on the other side of the line that divides between this life and the eternal ages.
  • Keep Going
    Become significant in your assignment
    Words & voices. Be wise. The Lord reveals to redeem.
  • Cease Not
    We have no excuse by saying there’s nothing we can do.
  • Cups
    Ohola (her own) & Oholibah (God’s own)
  • Supposed to or not.
    Should we protect or strengthen so as to be protected?
  • Support System
    Hope is the last thing to lose as we live forward.
  • Follow me?
    We are in those days where some follow God, as others follow gold!
  • Anyone [PART VI]
    Deep in unfathomable mines of never-failing skill, He treasures up His bright designs and works His sovereign will.
  • Arise & go!!
    Dear Someone! Did you know that “arise and go” is not complete until it accomplishes that which it seeks? Did…
  • Anyone [PART V]
    Hearing, and hearing by……..
  • Morrow.
    Grace for today, BRIGHT hope for tomorrow.
  • Lord?
    Lord, not my will but thine & only thine.
  • Anyone Part IV
    The excellent, incorruptible, precise, impeccable and expedite GPS bears the price tag of your life.
  • Desire
    Faith can move mountains, just as doubt can create them!
  • New
    Maybe I am just tired.
  • Quick Sand
    Complete the sentence, I am standing on the ground of………
  • What.
    The Good News is not what is broadcasted during the watershed period. The good news is something else.
  • Anyone [Part III]
    God is asking you today, what is that in your hand? A viper? a handcuff? a story? a pen? A regret? A nobody? God can use you. Trust me.
  • To Be Or Not To Be.
    God is stronger than death.
  • I Am One Among Them
    It is difficult to police a culture without values, politics without principles, work without ethics and worship without reverence to God.
  • Be Fully Ourselves to Avoid Pain/Suffering
    W’Obukosia has sent letter number 5. My heart is beating coz after reading it, i realised that things are going to change immediately. Definitely, there are certain factors that steadfastly stand out.
    Paradox of nature.
  • Anyone [Part II]
    The irony that the 7 sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest.
  • Church
    Dear Church, listen.
  • Job
    Job lost. Job gained. Job exceeded. Job succeeded. Everything in your hand is a seed from God.
  • Anyone [Part I]
    Through our actions, we might be busy aiding the accuser.

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