Quid Pro Quo

The foundation of today’s prosperity “gospel”. Quid pro quo

I give you my money and you, God, give me hundredfold.

Why play with God?

Let’s go back to the beginning. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God & the word was God. There was no quid pro quo there. It has to be clearly put that there are conditional promises but that does not mean it is quid pro quo. The conditional blessings could be for you or you could be preparing the way for future generations like Abraham, Moses did for Joshua or Elijah did for Elisha unknowingly.

Remember, God clearly tells Moses to go tell Pharaoh, who perceived himself as a divine eternal deity, that he has been sent by I am who I am.

God is God and not the head of the barter trade department of your expectations. We need to understand that. We need to perceive that He gives but if we are not sharp nor alert then that blessing shall be received by one who is. That is what Jesus meant by be as wise as a serpent & as humble as a dove. It further means that you do not sit at the church pew and say I receive only. You have to go out and toil and be divinely positioned for what God is about to do. When you are divinely aligned then is when you can receive. Aligning will only happen when you move, when you work.

How sad. Have you not read that the Macedonian church gave themselves first and their poor pockets gave-in in abject lack. Sounds familiar?

Their marks are in the bible… so where are you leaving your marks after you have gained corrupt money and blame it on God as the hundredfold.

False belief: When prayer becomes your habit miracles become your lifestyle.

True: belief: When prayer becomes your habit miracles no longer become the basis of your faith.

That’s the truth!

Miracles are acts of grace and mercy by God on sinners and righteous alike. No one deserves a miracle. Nor has God “intervened” in your life only when there’s a miracle.

Those who pray sincerely learn to trust in God in all things; they believe God is continuously in control of their lives no matter the situation.

Let us go back to basics and have an intimate relationship with the author and perfector of our faith. Then and only then shall we understand how God’s hand looks like, perceive divine purpose and understand the currency of miracles & greater things that Christ told us we are to do.


Evangelism should regain the biblical understanding of the cosmic battle between the two kingdoms. A renewed emphasis must be placed on the battle between the rule of Satan and the rule of Christ and that, in this world, in the very structures of society and culture, this battle now rages. Robert Webber.

Lastly, you will get through any crisis with Christ. HE doesn’t do crisis management. He does crisis solving, not quid pro quo. Rest in the very confidence that though you may not see the hand of the Lord at work, you can trust in His character. God keeps His word. The grace, His grace; therefore rest in the confidence that God’s grace will always be sufficient, even though we may not understand the complexity of our process. Keep trusting God. He is the waymaker.


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