Be Fully Ourselves to Avoid Pain/Suffering

I have been meditating about life in general and marriage specifically. In marriage, pain & suffering is part of the deal. That is why we say for better or worse

Emphasis is on for worse.

You know those days you feel meeeh! You end saying careless words like;

  • You are nagging – selfish
  • Let’s talk later – escapist
  • What now? – irritable
  • Deal with it on your own – uncaring
  • My boys/girls/parents/friends mean a lot to me. You will have to wait – immature
  • You don’t understand my decision and I am going ahead with it – insensitive
  • Etc.

Maybe you meant it or you were just in a meeeh mood. But it’s ultimate effect on the one you said it to has caused pain. Pain can either birth greater inner strength or suffering.

In my thinking, I asked myself then why is it that I would allow myself to carry so much pain and suffering.


I probably wasn’t looking within. I was & sometimes still do look at & towards the cause of it all and it continues to fester the wound. Eventually my pain develops to graduated suffering which goes against what is inside me.

Q: What is inside me?

A : Whom.

Q: Whom?

A : Yes, whom.

Q: Okay then, whom?

A : Revelation 3:20, 1 John 4:4

Q: Those are verses. You are not answering my question.

A : Read them then we will talk.

As you read the scriptures, remember dear one, whichever level of pain you’re facing put on the helmet of salvation & keep your mind on things above where you are seated in heavenly places with Christ as a co-heir.

Also, this is a quick guide on how to handle the pain while you are looking up.

Note:  After today’s post, I’m going to take a break from posting for a little while.  Thank you for your views.  Love, Celia — “All pain comes from not being fully yourself.  Whenever you suffer, you suffer because somehow you are not being fully you.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 4:II This is a novel idea, […]

Be Fully Ourselves to Avoid Pain/Suffering

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