Which cup are you drinking from?

Beloved allow me to share something that God was teaching me recently from an experience I had gone through. I was reading God’s word in Ezekiel 23: the whole of it. It’s a story of two sisters who the Lord God says are His; Oholah ( Her own tabernacle) and Oholibah (God’s tarbenacle is in her). God drew my attention to vs 32 where God tells Oholah, “you shall drink of your sister’s cup”. I found myself meditating on these words as I prepared for my day and I felt I needed to answer for myself which cup I was drinking of or from. There was an issue that I really needed to address and was almost reaching my end with it and in my thinking this office I wanted to go to would really help me out. I had tried everything I had thought possible, but the mountain refused to move infact it almost felt as though the mountain was now increasing in height and width and now even had legs with high heels to keep moving to block my view 😂😂😂. I prepared and went into this office so hopeful, sat there for almost two hours explaining my issue and the more I explained myself, the more I saw no hope. At that point I picked a whole flask and not just a cup, but three cups and I poured for myself frustration mixed with anger and I drank and drank from all the cups I had put for myself 😂😂😂 and made sure the flask of frustration was empty (now I can laugh about it, but at that time woooi 😂😂😂, Hulk looked way better than me, 😂I totally misrepresented God 🥺). I left that office and I broke down wondering who could help me and why I was alone trying to sort this thing out. These thoughts filled my cup of frustration and anger and I continued to drink of it. I thought of making one last phone call and again I allowed myself out of anger and deep frustration that I was still sipping and drinking of and from, to misrepresent God. I yelled and yelled and kept telling the person I was talking to about how frustrated I was by the whole issue, most of all how they were handling it. After disconnecting the call I continued drinking from the cup of frustration, cup of anger, and now sorrow had set in, a whole other cup I started drinking from. I felt so low I just wanted to go home and drink more sorrow and more sorrow. I felt God ask me , “Jael which cup are you drinking from?”. I did not have an answer because I had not realised I was drinking from a very wrong cup.

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There was somewhere I needed to go to and because of how I was feeling I almost cancelled going, but I felt I still needed to go in person. I went and felt joy meeting the people I found there, they always bless my heart kabisa, but still had my three cups with me. During the fellowship God allowed someone to share a story of a situation they had the previous night and how it ended up with drinking from the cups of frustration and helplessness. She told me, ” Jael in most cases frustration sets in when we trust our own hands, systems and not trust God’s hands, systems and God’s way of doing things”. As she shared I saw how much of Oholah (my own system, tabernacle, self sufficient) I had been on this issue,even though I am the Lord’s. All this time I was trusting myself to do it, get the right connection(s) I needed to sort this issue out. She told me, “Jael shift gears, go home and praise God, don’t think about this issue again it is not worth your joy”. I left that place encouraged and feeling like I could slay a lion with my bare hands, no adrenaline needed 😂😂😂 and after that just look for a bear kuichokoza tu 😂😂😂😂 then head home.

I had just drank from the cup of encouragement, rebuke and strengthening. I got home and threw away the cups of frustration, anger, sorrow. I picked the cup of praising God and worshipping Him in songs as led by the Holy Spirit. I was drinking from a new refreshing cup. My neighbours must have wondered because at some point I was singing in loud strangely high sopranos that I was struggling to hit 😂😂😂😂, but the joy I felt my people and the peace that came over me concerning that issue was beyond comprehension. This cup I did not want to loose. That night God gave me a word concerning what He was going to do and by the next day mid day I got a phone call that the issue had been sorted out in truth.

Beloved, I don’t know which cup you have been drinking from, or are drinking from right now; it might not be frustration, anger or sorrow like what I had been drinking earlier on that day; it could be bitterness, rejection, hate, vengeance, sorrow, loneliness, fear, self sufficiency name it. I just want to encourage us to drink from God’s cup of praise and trusting God not necessarily because of what He will do, but because of who He is and He will show Himself strong and reveal Himself in the situation. Too many soldiers in God’s army and children of God are drinking from the wrong cups and that is why we have been in the sick bays for too long. It’s time we arise and take our rightful places and positions because we are drinking from the cup of trusting and believing in God, cup of praising God. It does not matter what you have been told or how we see ourselves, we are the Lord’s and He loves you very very very much.

Blessed day

Originally posted by Jael Gudu

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