Keep Going


“I am tired of my “wilderness” but have to Keep Going 🙌👌👣👣👣

How long, how far, I don’t know, but I am tired! Many have meandered and wandered about their “wildernesses” for proverbially forty fruitless years. De Quincey said, “No man, who does not at least checker his life with solitude, will ever unfold the capacities that are in him.” That applies to all genders. Everyone has their unique “wilderness” unlike any other persons. Moses was forty years in the wilderness ere, one day, the bush began to burn and God sent him forth to emancipate His people. Elijah wondered in the Kerith Ravine, fed by ravens and later Horeb until he wished he were dead, but did wonders before being taken up to heaven in chariots of fire. John the Baptist was in the wilderness until the day of his showing unto Israel, to introduce the Messiah. Apostle Paul was in the Arabian wilderness until he was ready to face off with the Pharisees who raised him in the synagogues and the Christians he once persecuted in Damascus. Jesus Christ Himself, ere He commenced His ministry, was alone in the desert.

If ere you are in your wilderness, to what extent and for what, is your preparation and equipping? What you encounter in your wilderness; what you think about in your wilderness, and what you do in your wilderness, become significant in your assignment. Your wilderness will carry and manifest your certificate of sincerity and authenticity.

Mind your wilderness!

©2020 Daniel Mathews W’Obukosia

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