20/20 perfect vision

Psalms 121:2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

There are days when you can literally apply the Scripture Matthew 6:3 , Do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing, because you have literally nothing to give. Your bank account is in the negative, to mean that you actually owe the bank some overdrawn amount, debts everywhere and all your so-called-friends that you used to hang out with are also having similar struggles.

2020 has been a mix of things for many of us.

Some of us have suffered from Covid-19 directly or indirectly. Some of our relationships, of whatever nature, fell into disrepair, lost our jobs & businesses. For others, they were walking on a tight rope the whole of 2019 just for 2020 to make the rope snap. You see Covid-19 became a more serious concern that someone fighting for their lives in the ICU, dialysis and chemotherapy. To the 2019 jobseeker, 2020 was tough enough, come the second quarter most companies froze their recruitments and downsized.

There is hope.

2020 proved the fact that human help can only go so far. Human intellect can only imagine so much. We never imagined the social & economic devastation of Covid-19. Why is there hope? 2020 caused us to question everything. We questioned the foundation of our relationships, the purpose of why we do what we do and how we do it. We questioned our values, norms and purpose. We questioned further and deeper. We got some answers. Some answers were good, other great whilst others were heartbreaking. In our questioning we also realized that some answers will take a longer time to get an answer. Maybe some will be answered when our eulogies are being read.

Then it hit me.

When we question everything then we are able to understand what Psalms 121:2 means. My help can only come from God because changing aspects of my character will need more than a reminder on my phonebook, calendar and a notebook for an assistant. Those are just resources but my inner man needs divine intervention.

Then you further understand what the renewal of the mind is all about. Re-imagine yourself, a better self, a bolder self and a godly self. Then you realize that it is only God who can help you.

Greater and better starts from here.

God is calling you to reimagine yourself and everything around you under His light. Then let Him help you.

2020 has already shown us what our limitations are and how limitless He is. This moment requires you to stand up and be counted.

Let something good come out of your struggle…….with God’s help.

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