THEME: Enemy

Something bothering you of late?

Rather is it a someone……someone is bothering you.

Spreading lies against your name and has brought irreprable damage to your good name and character?

Sounds cliche…right?

The new challenge in town is discrimination. Yes discrimination post Covid recovery. I don’t know about where you stay but in my part of the world, after someone has fully recovered from Covid, there is a very high likelihood that they still have another larger yet silent battle to fight. Discrimination.

Agreed. There is a lot that we are learning about the virus.

Agreed. We are still arguing about the course of treatment.

Agreed. We work with what works .

Agreed. God knows all these.

However, if you know what a Covid-19 patient goes through, especially one that had a fully blown case, then you realize that it shook everything in them. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically because this disease can reduce you to some version of yourself that you never imagined.

Mental torture or mental harassment or should I address it as mental distraction is the last thing they need to face why? Because this person will now die of depression after surviving Covid-19. Which is worse? That you killed someone with a loose tongue or the person died of an unknown disease? Does life matter to you?

The bigger thing that we have all failed to correct is who is the enemy? Is your enemy in the flesh or does your enemy manifest in the flesh, but is not flesh? Scripture confirms that the enemy manifests in the flesh and is not THE FLESH.

As a Christian, you need to do better than mishandle a recovered patient by way of refusing to be of help to them e.g. refusing to sell them items or grant them services from your establishment, spreading misinformation about them, & all together spiting them because of a disease.

Come oooooon!

Flip the script.

When I was sick & hungry, where were you? You were busy telling others how I had fallen from grace to grass.

When I was naked, did you clothe me? You took photos of me and made them memes to share around.

When eventually I became homeless because I couldn’t service my rent, where were you? You were among the first ones to call me and confirm my status then you never called again.

This is the thing…..we need to be the members of the body of Christ and not take the place of the enemy. We foster enmity, and not love, in the body of Christ when we choose self over compassion. When we forsake others for self preservation and when we choose revenge, we are allowing the real enemy to sit back and fold his arms while we do his work for him. More sad is that come judgement, the enemy will actually be saying the truth when he says IT WASN’T ME.

For us who are on the offense, tone it down and be Christlike. Reengineer yourself and let God be God instead of you thinking that you are doing the right thing yet its very course is causing harm and no good.

You are scared. We get it.

You are worried. We get it.

You are doubtful of the future. We all are.

To the offended, be patient and ask God to work out Matthew 22:44. This , in all wisdom, means that when you are discriminated against in any way or form, you should speak up and speak out to correct the situation.

You have been there, done that and won.

You know better. They don’t.

You speak from experience. They speak from a point of self.

You can help them. They need your help.

But do not avenge. You ain’t God.

To all of us, let us get educated and informed about the situation and times that we are living in and walk in wisdom, not the flesh. Otherwise you will become the footstool, when the time is right, then you start lamenting that the Lord has left you.

Has He or did you?

Matthew 22: 44

The Lord said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.”

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