Oh, the sweet smell of victory. Wonderful.

Today, we make declarations.

Psalms 55:22

  • We cast the burden of ill-health unto the balm of Gilead who is also our healer.
  • Lord we know, from the past, that You are our sustainer and You shall sustain us victoriously through this season.
  • Lord, thank You that You shall not permit (name) soul to be moved, (name) body to be damaged neither for (name) to come to an untimely death.

Philippians 4:7

  • Lord, today we stand on Your everlasting and never changing peace. Your peace, O lord, that cannot be defined by men but only characterized in its definition i.e. the peace of God.
  • We/men/doctors understand the gravity of this situation. However, Your peace has prevailed in this matter. Your peace O Lord has surpassed the critical nature of what we are facing.
  • This peace, Your peace, is guarding our hearts such that we are only uttering healing and good health. Lord, we speak to (name)’s body ‘peace be still‘ and we speak total healing and restoration. Lord we speak that we are a peculiar people because the Lord will do it again and amaze everyone.
  • This peace, Your peace, is guarding our minds by putting our minds on the things above and not those on any other level including in this situation. We fix our minds on You Lord that You not only be magnified but that we also experience Your healing power.
  • All this is possible because it is in Your Name and through You Lord Jesus.

Psalms 46:1

  • Lord, You are our refuge at this time. We take cover find shelter in You. Lord, protect us, deliver us and heal (name).
  • Lord, You are our strength. In our flesh, we waver away from You Lord who is our center and our healer and that makes us weak and easily give in and give up. Because of this, we choose You to be our strength for You are all seeing and all knowing unlike our flesh. We look to You and Your healing hand, Lord.
  • Lord, this (name it) is trouble but we have You because You are ever present, all knowing, all seeing and more so nothing is too difficult for You. So we, our hearts and minds are kept on You, Oh mighty and victorious man of war.

Deuteronomy 31:6

  • In this light, we choose to be strong because You know the end from the beginning. Our end, (name) end with this situation is that of victory and healing and restoration.
  • We are of good courage because greater is He that is in us than this situation that is presenting itself.
  • As a result, we are not fearful neither of it for You Oh Lord are with us in this mater. You always win, You settle matters once and for all and Lord once YOu have decreed a matter none can reverse. You are the Lord our healer. Wherever You are there is healing. Heal (name), Your servant. Send a word and it is done.
  • Lord, in all these we are guaranteed and it is established that You will never leave us neither forsake us. You shall not leave us wounded, maimed or consumed by this situation but You are sending destiny helpers to stand with us at this time. You are healing through whatever means You choose and YOu shall not allow YOur NAme be forsaken or embarassed.
  • Reveal Your glory Lord.

Psalms 46:11

  • The Lord of hosts is present and at work.
  • The God of Jacob, we rest in You and You are showing us the point of Bethel that You have already established on this matter. Fight for us Oh Lord.

Exodus 14:14

  • Lord we may not know the spiritual machinations behind this situation but we know that the Lord, strong and mighty , is dealing with this situation and shall leave no stone unturned but shall reveal and deal with everything, every spirit and every one behind this situation.
  • Therefore, Lord we hold our tongue, minds, thoughts, actions, plans, desires and prayers in You who is our peace and refuge as You war victoriously on our behalf.

Thank You Lord Jesus for You have done it. In Jesus Name.

Isaiah 54: 15

If anyone does attack you, it will not be my doing;
    whoever attacks you will surrender to you.

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