Poor man

This poor man cried & the Lord heard him & brpught him out of all his troubles.

Psalms 34:6

King David was not poor by any measure;

  • The commander of the great army of Israel
  • The king of Israel
  • How many wives & concubines did he have again?
  • How much favor did this man have with his allies? A lot.
  • How much fear did the mention of his name instill on his enemies? A lot.
  • He was loved & valued by those near and even those from far away lands and kingdoms.
  • He gave counsel and also made judgements.
  • He was the face of Israel before both men & God.

So, begs the question, how did David consider himself a poor man man who needed God’s deliverance?

The answer is pretty simple.

David understood that it was okay not to be okay.

David understood that he was no less a king to respond to a question by saying I don’t know how to deal with that matter but I need counsel first before taking a position.

David understood that running away from a fight did not mean that he was a coward. He just needed to consider the cost of war.

David understood that mental strength is elastic. Every challenge & every opportunity pulled him a little bit more than what he was familiar with.

David understood that as a king he is wrong to assume that he knew it all. Rather he is poor of information and experience and wisdom.

David understood that he would gain more if he approached a matter honestly.

Dacid understood that a big title & great wealth amounted to nothing in the hands of a fool.

David understood the position of pride was in God and the position of lowliness was in his flesh.

David understood never to be too comfortable with a familiar enemy.

David understood that there is a great wealth of knowledge, power and strength when he considers himself poor.

David understood that the Lord considers the lowly & rejects the proud. Psalms 138:6

You and I are no different than David. It is just the contexts that are different. Today, understand the following;

  • It is okay not to be okay.
  • It is okay to ask for help.
  • It is not okay to fake it till you make it.
  • Understand the source of your wealth be it material wealth, spiritual influence & authority, mental agility, emotional stability and any other kind of wealth. It is God. Period.
  • If you think you have it all and know it all then think again because there is more where you came from. At least for the poor, s/he will be saved but the rich have a demand placed on them.
  • Consider yourself poor before men and God, see God do great stuff.

Over to you

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