Love is a 4 letter word

The lessons one has to go through to grasp 1 Corinthians 13!

I remember Donald teaching us about loving the unlovable about a year ago &, honestly, I thought he was nuts coz I wanted him to walk a mile in my shoes then maybe we can talk. Donald, I am sorry. Now I get it. I mean, when you get to the point of pleading God’s mercy on every & anyone who has wronged you & you are fulfilled & satiated.

It is indeed beyond absurd.

Crazy but that is God, not me. Morally & practically, undoable but in Christ & with Christ, you realize that this is the path we have been called to walk. Not just self sacrifice but also obedience. One cannot do without the other. On the other hand, if it were left to me to handle it, trust me, premium tears would be shed. 😈😈😈😈 (I’m as human as the next person). As πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ as this may sound but it is true. Praying for revenge on your enemy is a bite too big for one to swallow. You see, if & when you understand that as a Christian you walk with & in the love of Christ, which can only be manifested but not grasped, & not the love of men which is limited, mindless from God’s point of view and self minded generally. It has been a journey & it still is. I still need to figure out what to do & how to use this love of God. I mean, I got saved in my teens, so most of us know me as either, saved-“D”, churchie person or a pastor’s wife.

Shock on you, as I, even those speaking in tongues may not have grasped what the love of God is all about despite reading Scripture, praying everyday & participating in church activities. Heck, some of us are in leadership positions but suffer from the absence of the love of God. Maybe, it explains why the organization of the church is in a shambolic state. The body of Christ needs to obtain it so that the organization can become better and more like Jesus. When you understand what the love of God is, then you face a challenge as a lesson, an episode or an opportunity & not in any other form. There will be less judging & more building of one to the other as iron sharpens iron. You see, you will only learn it best when you approach situations and ultimately situation-ships like Job.

I am praying for you not coz I feel warm & fuzzy inside but also because the love of God reigns supreme in my heart. It is the new normal. The new modus operandi.

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