Every  good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1 :17

God has no need to preserve Himself because He is eternal and has already poured out Himself for us through His only Son, our Saviour & Lord Jesus Christ. That is His level of dedication to His purpose.

Today, we look at purpose. Our life’s purpose. Whether we know it or not is a whole different ball game. However, the point is the purpose you are serving at this very moment.

Our purpose can be one of self preservation, survival, success, triumph, revenge, greed or even that of legacy.

Many times we are not found truly loyal to the purpose that we serve because of the variables that be such as competition, the need for survival, pandemics, technology, weakness, temptations etc. Ultimately the mark of goodness is missed because either way what we wanted has been delivered irregardless of the process hence the absence of goodness.

Variability determines goodness or the absence thereof. You see, you can have a child do something successfully but it’s not the action that matters but the purpose. Is it to void punishment, to gain recognition or learn to make the society better through thoughtful deeds and gestures.

Variability, at its core, will inform you of the level of shadow of turning in your purpose because in all honesty this shadow will always be cast on our path because we can never be independent of it. We are not totally independent of ourselves either.

It is a difficult road to travel but it can be done if you count your costs well.

Truly, truly God is good. The only good God. Let’s look to Him, hope in Him & learn how to do good from Him.

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