How to get your blessing.

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There is a swahili saying that goes kuuliza sio ujinga. For non-speakers, just sound it out. Swahili had no sound effects like German or French. It means {I’m paraphrasing} there’s nothing like a silly question. Direct translation it would mean, asking a question is not displaying stupidity. Whichever you choose to pick, just remember that the saying is mainly used when you want to ask a basic question at a very advanced stage of a conversation to clear the air or as a way of trying to point out something sensitive that may have been missed out.

Last year, my life was saved basically because in the midst of a very tense situation, I decided to ask. Not because I was selfish but because I had just come out of very rough patch and my life’s vision had become even more clearer. I realised that, by far, I had not even achieved 50% of what I wanted to do from my younger years. You see, in my context, it is your spouse or elders who should speak. Never at any time when we are in public should I raise a different voice. Neither should I take my own path independently without consultation AND approval. It has its good side but other times it feels like a prison.

A life surrendered to blind service.
  1. Had I helped others achieve theirs? Yes.
  2. Had those whom I sacrificed for, returned the favor? Nope
  3. When I was in my rough patch, where were they? Pointing fingers at me while blairing my woes on a megaphone for everyone to hear.

I said enough is enough and moved on. I am unable to cut them off completely because it is not the Christ-like thing to do. I love them from a distance and pray for their prosperity (so that they forget about me completely).

That’s God’s decision.

Back to my story.

Here I was. Looking at someone at the verge of death. I prayed for them.

Who is praying for me?

Who is fighting for me?

Who is mentioning my name in high & favorable places?

I realised that for it to be done right, then I have to do it myself and my way.

So I did.

Now, I have began to reap the second harvest.

The first harvest is that I am alive. I asked.

The second harvest is that everything is now in perspective. I am seeking.

The third harvest is the hard work that goes into it. I will knock every damn door till I find what is mine and achieve my life’s goals.

Ask, Seek, Knock. Its acronym is still ASK. Matthew 7:7

I further relised that entitlement is not such a bad thing anyway. It only becomes bad when its purpose or motive is selfish in a bad way ie it does not help the society directly or indirectly. Furthermore, so long as you are of the household of faith in Jesus Christ then you ought to have a rich kid mentality ie entitlement.

Why, you ask?

  1. Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills? Your Father.
  2. Have you read psalms 18? No? Read it now.
  3. Do you know He also says no good thing shall I withhold from you? No? Now you know.
  4. Lastly, God (through James) reminds us that when we ask, sometimes, we don’t get (even the good stuff) because we ask amiss ie we ask with the wrong motive. We ask from a point that is not aligned with the purpose God has planted in us rather from the eye view of the flesh.

If you have read upto this point, please pat yourself on the back and start the #askchallenge

God is counting on you.


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