Story time

Do not wise in your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him.

Proverbs 3:6-7 paraphrased

A story is told of a lovely Christian couple whom, despite coming from middle class backgrounds, they started their marriage life humbly. Initially they were the best of friends, working together on their plans, praying together & taking care of each other.

Sadly, the husband got a big break & was now able to provide more for the family. He did not. It was especially sad because now with the extra cash, the husband ignored the wife, stopped discussing & planning family finances and got into the wrong company. His heart turned cold to the point where if the wife had to travel to another town, he would not provide pocket money or at the very least purchase a bus ticket & call her to follow up on the success of the trip.
Instead, with his cash, he’d spludge on things that, in his mind, he felt were signs of a good christian such as buying coffee for needy friends in the name of catching up, paying fees for other kids while his had school fees arrears pending, & calling the wife nagging whenever she attempted to bring his behaviour to question. He changed so much that he would belittle the wife in public then either ignore or avoid her depending then in private criticise her choice of friends and demean them. He developed a superior complex of sorts. In a bid to maintain peace in the home, the wife cut off her friends. This was not enough for him.

Whenever the wife would land on some cash, he would direct her with an iron rod on how it should be spent failure to abide would mean no peace in the form of snide comments meant to chide her or other times, he would call his family and tell them how bad his wife is. In return, her in-laws spited her.

Frustrating to say the least…..

This is a story far too common nowadays. Even in the church. The bride of Christ is more focused on acts of righteousness in the public eye rather than being righteous in the heart where God resides. The members of the body of Christ nowadays seek titles & benefits more than service one to another. Some believe scripture is for others & not me especially those in senior leadership in the Church. Entitlement in the wrong perspective.

Do not be wise in your own eyes. Scripture has to speak to you first before you share it with someone else.

If scripture has never rebuked you, that’s foolish wisdom. Moreso, if scripture has not rebuked you at least once a week then you are in deep s**t. There is something that either you ain’t reading correctly or you suffer from superiority complex like the man in our earlier story.

Scripture is not just for rebuke but also for teaching & encouragement. If all you ever read, again, is it just teaching & encouragement, then again you need to grow because for how long you will you be drinking milk yet there is meat provided for you to devour.

Meat is given to the mature. Milk is for babies.

The consistent & undeniable character of God in the story is that God continued to provide for the wife and kids somehow since He allows the sun to shine on both the godly and the wicked.

I realize that far too often we are not ready for what we pray for. We pray for financial stability but are not emotionally or psychologically prepared to see our bank accounts with a 6 figure balance. We pray for marital bliss but do not want to face the stack reality that your childhood friends in the form of siblings are now in-laws to your wife and need to be managed because your wife is not your sister or your mother. We ask for a godly spouse but are too blind to perceive wisdom when they share it. We pray for children, when we get them we lose sight of the fact that their personalities are a mirror reflection of what is the unspoken character of the parents/caregivers.

In the asking process during prayer,  also ask for the support system of that blessing.

That’s godly wisdom.

That’s godly understanding.

That’s godly righteousness.

That’s the godly way to do it.

That’s God at work in the simplest way.

God bless.

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